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365.合日旅所∥ 365.Hostel
設計老房子 台南 民宿 青年旅館 背包客棧 Tainan Hostel
365.hostel /





Perhaps a coincidence,

Days at 365 are slowed down…


The anticipation starts from Lane 365 of Ximen Circle, Tainan.


Drifting down the lane, experiencing the 365 different  shades of this city throughout the year, every day is a good day to get out of your comfort zone, enjoy your journey of self-discovery.


Hidden at the heart of the Tainan Old Town, see you at the Ximen Circle. Have a sip of good life.

合日旅所 /


合, a combination of

人 [human],

一 [one],

口 [mouth],

makes up the Chinese word [entirety].


With a mouth, everyone is gifted, 

To enjoy the tremendous feast,

To share your bits and pieces of the journey,

to enjoy life in its entirety.


We are based in Tainan,

We design youth hostel,

When we create a space with design, not only will it resonate with a better living experience, but also evoke communication between the traveler and the space, through the implications from the tiny details in the interior.


Start your wonderful experience with 365.Hostel.

設計老房子 台南 民宿 青年旅館 背包客棧 Tainan Hostel
設計老房子 台南 民宿 青年旅館 背包客棧 Tainan Hostel

Our LOFT Design /


The host has a preference over Japanese tone.

The use of natural materials and the humble choices of colours symbolize the Japanese nationalism.

Loft, on the other hand, appropriately decorates the space with metal, and conceal its physical property through the fine-tuning of colours.


Architecture is the expression and recognition of one’s identity.

It is the collaboration of one’s reflection and learning.

By leaving subtle hint in the little corners of the space, it is the host’s indirect connection with his guests.

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